Harvey Recovery | Floodproofing

By protecting your home from damage, floodproofing will save you money and aggravation during the next flood. Protecting your house from future flood damage will increase your property’s resale value, and can often be incorporated into repair work that you are already doing. Here are five types of floodproofing to discuss with your repair contractor:

  1. Elevation: raising the first floor level

  2. Relocation: moving the building to a different location

  3. Floodwalls: an engineered structure built as a barrier against flood waters

  4. Dry Floodproofing: completely sealing the exterior

  5. Wet Floodproofing: allows flood waters to enter AND exit (usually below the first floor level)

An architect may be required for some of the above options and would also be a great resource for additional floodproofing ideas like selecting flood resistant floorings and wall assemblies.

We at MEL/ARCH architecture studio are a progressive, forward thinking firm. We would love to hear from you and know if we can help you in this process.


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