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We devote a great amount of energy and enthusiasm to each of our projects. They are all unique. Ranging in size from a small cottage to a large scale multi-acre developments. We employee our unique design and energy consciousness to create both timeless and more importantly fitting designs for our clients. Please explore our commercial, residential, and conceptual projects below.

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The physical building environment which we inhabit on a daily basis plays a significant role in shaping and affecting our mental and physical well-being. Any work of architecture therefore can be  — and should be — nothing short of inspiring, uplifting and vibrant. In our architectural practice we strive to uphold these ideals every day, all while minimizing the potential adverse environmental impacts.


Home is where the heart is. It is the most direct reflection of our true selves and forms the foundation for the context of our lives. The built environment in which we live allows for the intimacy of personal space while embracing the larger opportunity to be a meaningful part of a community. In the early years, we established our reputation by designing single-family residences. Even though these are still an important part of our practice, we now also design multi-family and mixed-use projects that work to enrich the urban fabric of our cities by creating high-performance, livable buildings, resulting in a built environment that benefits individual residents and the broader community.

We believe that every project is a significant one, even if some don't move beyond the conceptual phase. Some due to budget constraints, others due to change of heart by our clients. These projects deserve to be shown as countless hours and design decisions went into them. 

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