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Bucket List - Part 4

Updated: May 11, 2022

Our bucket list aren’t just contained to this galaxy! We have a few places we would like to go that happen to be far far away. In honor of May the Fourth, National Star Wars Day and Revenge of the Fifth, we give you this special edition of our bucket list buildings! May the Force be with you.

Theed, Capital City of Naboo- Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Kathryn’s Pick

As the first Star Wars movie I ever saw, Phantom Menace has always had a special place in my heart. The planet of Naboo has always been one of my favorite locations in the films. The architecture is heavily integrated with plant life and water and the overall vibe reminds viewers of the Byzantine and Baroque eras of architecture. It is beautiful. To walk through this corridors or wander through a plaza would be an incredible experience. Hopefully my journey to this destination would be smoother than Obi-Wan’s and Qui-Gon Jinn’s.

Sandcrawlers- Fusionopolis View, Singapore

Jocelyn’s Pick

Sandcrawlers, originally called digger crawlers, are huge mobile fortresses used by the Jawas as their transport and shelter in the deserts of Tatooine and Arvala-7. They are equipped with a magnetic suction tube for sucking droids and scrap into the cargo hold.

The reason for my selection of the Sandcrawlers is because it was replicated into an actual building in 2013, in Fusionopolis View, Singapore. Andrew Bromberg of Aedas, a global architecture firm, designed the building known as the Sandcrawler, whose name was voted by Lucasfilm animators who were about to move into the building.

One of the many unique design incorporations of the this building is that the fifth and sixth floor is a double height space with a 100-seat cinema which looks like the inside of Darth Vader's helmet. I think I need to start planning a trip to Singapore, until then, May the Force be with you.

Kashyyyk, Planet Wookie C- Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Canston’s Pick

The planet of Kashyyyk is the home planet to the Wookie species, a temperate climate due to the lack of an axial tilt composed of forest, oceans, and swamps. The planet is covered in wroshyr trees, and hosts local fauna that saved as inspiration for the design of the Wookie starships. The architecture of Kashyyyk is integrated into the forested landscape, composed of floating treehouses. The real-world filming location for the planet of Kashyyyk in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith were Phuket, Thailand and Guilin, China, whose unique landscapes resembled those thought up by George Lucas.

Cloud City, Planet Bespin- Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Rocio’s Pick

Located in the Life Zone in the orbit of Bespin, you find the Cloud City, hosting a tibanna gas mining colony 59,000 kilometers above Bespin’s core. The 16 km wide disk shaped station is surrounded by an atmosphere heavily composed of oxygen with optimal gravity and temperature. The city is composed of 392 levels, including commerce and residences. The top 50 levels house a luxury resort while the lower levels are dedicated to housing for the workers and the tibanna gas mining industry. The Cloud City is a popular tourist destination with its casinos, flying cars, and opportunities to tour the mining operations.

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