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Buildings Decade by Decade

Decade by decade, trends come and go and usually come back again in the world of Architecture. Here are some of the standouts from each decade that symbolize that period.


As in fashion, the ’80s were all about bright colors! A decade about making things different and playful. The 80s starts to play with different geometric shapes and incorporate that into buildings. A decade of inspiration. In the Center Pompidou, controversy sparked over this building because of its indifference, we now see inspiration pulled from this building to more present ones.


A time for looking outside the box. The Dancing Building built in the mid 90’s showcases this. If you look closely, the slanted building looks like a dancing partner leaning in. It pops out not only because of the slant but because it's 3 dimensional which you can see through the windows. 90’s were filled with fun new music and you can see how this played into this structure.


This building screams 2000’s. The playfulness and the colors match the time of this decade. It's fun and different yet still classic enough. Very Shabby Chic. It shows the sustainability and technology of the time as it begins to evolve in the 2000s as well as global warming.


Minimalism is the word for the 2010s. Many running away from the chaos and sticking with neutrals. Everything was about simplicity, light woods, and simple wall colors. This decade was filled with open floor plans to make spaces more inviting. Zaha Hadid, the Architect of this building mastered this style in a way no one has done before with this futuristic style.


As the planet slowly deteriorates, we are trying to save and preserve our homes and we can start seeing this in residential and commercial buildings. By using reusable materials and adding greenery, architecture is going the clean and sustainable route. Let's make this a timeless feature.

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