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What's your Style?

All buildings are done in unique ways in their unique styles, but what are the styles called and what do they include? Let’s explore five styles out of the countless you see around the world.


The Victorian style flourished approximately between 1830-1910. You can see this in Europe. This includes gothic influences with darker tones of wood. You can also see many older dollhouses being influenced by the Victorian style. In San Francisco, CA the iconic Painted Ladies, built around this time, perfectly shows this style with its bright colors and small detailing.

Art Deco

Art Deco originated in France in the mid to late 1910s. It was short-lived for its time but embraced the times of the 20s. Art Deco was almost like the glamourous fashionista of all building styles. If you love this style, you would love New York City. It includes bright colors and geometric detailing. We slowly see this style come back because it is just so fun.


One of my personal favorites is the Spanish Style, seen in California, Florida, New Mexico, & Arizona. As you can assume, this style longs from Spain and Mexico. The common elements include stucco, arches, & clay roof tiles. Nowadays, you can see this style includes some modern features as it comes back. I think it is one of my favorites because it is unique yet stays simple.

Mid-Century Modern

A popular style in Palm Springs, CA but showcases in many movies like Batman V. Superman; Dawn of Justice (2016), Burce Waynes Residence, Dont Worry Darling (2022), Alice & Jack Chambers Residence, & Less than Zero (1987), The Clay Family Home. This style was seen post World-War 2. With the style came curvature in furniture. You'll tend to see these homes at higher elevations with spectacular views.


The modern style was introduced in the late 19th century but began to be more commonly used in the 20th century. Two words I would use to describe this style are open and exposed. It includes wood materials and solid sleek materials. Very different from a conventional home. You can genuinely see modern architecture all over the world from residential to commercial!

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