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Hidden Gems Around the World

We all know the world's famous buildings people travel countless hours for such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While those are breathtaking, here are some underrated buildings you should also travel countless hours for.

Zhongshuge Bookstore; China (2020)

A fairly new masterpiece where its beauty lies on the inside. From mirror ceilings to arch bookshelf, this library is not like one you've seen before. It's located right in the center of the city. Unlike China’s most known library, the Tianjin Binhai, this one is more warm and intimate. This place is truly a reader's dream.

Grundtving’s Church; Denmark (1926)

Dare I say, one of the most gorgeous churches out there. While many Churches in Europe play with the Renaissance style this one is different and has more simplicity while keeping its older charm and historic value. A church Holding 1440 seats as it leads to the focal point of the beauty of the church. If you fall in love, bring the love in and you can get married here!

Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico; Mexico (1968)

While the building was built in 1899, it didn't become what it is now until 1968. When the Summer Olympics of 1968 was decided to be held in Mexico City, that is when this building also decided to become a hotel. While in Mexico this hotel may be well known to locals, the inside colorful tiles do not get enough recognition around the world. This place makes you look up for a change.

Palais Ideal; France (1912)

A palace with a unique background story for its unique style. A man named Ferdinand Chavel tripped on a rock in the late 1800s and was so fascinated by its peculiar shape. This later inspires him to be creative with his finding, which is how this building originated. You can tour the inside all year round, it won't be what you expect.

The Basket Building; United States of America (1977)

This one is most definitely special. This building is the headquarters for their actual baskets. The doors were closed in 2018 to renovate into a hotel but due to the pandemic, that idea was canceled. It currently holds tours. A silly but exciting little creation.

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