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Will AI Take Over the World of Architecture?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly taking over the world. The everyday person now has access whether it’s in writing, art, or even in smart homes. Some believe that AI caused harm and is just too much technology that's ripping people's jobs. Others say it makes it make life easier for them and saves a lot of time. So when it comes to Architects, how do they feel? What are the roses and thorns of AI?


AI can reduce design time which helps when you are designing a project. Projects can take from weeks to years before it enters the construction phase. By reducing the time designing, very soon, architects will be able to plug their projects into a big database of designs and codes. The thorn of this is that this strips away from the creative process that many fall in love with. This process will also be the same for Urban Planning.


Renderings are used to make your design come to life which can sell your project. With renderings, you can fully envision the place rather than looking at the 3D model. With Image generation software (AI), although it is not at its most realistic yet, renderings can be done in a fraction of a time without having to go back and forth with editing. This once again saves a lot of time, but larger Architecture firms employ people who specialize in rendering which takes another person's job away.

Vision to Life

A lot of the time as an Architect, it's hard to fully envision yourself in a place when it's all on the computer. Now with some apps and software, and the help of AI, you can have a floorplan become a 3D model online. This allows you to adjust floorplans as needed before the building comes to life.

At the end of the day, AI will change the world of architecture, but the question still remains if it will take over human Architects.

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