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Travel Tips - Egypt Edition

So you want to see the great pyramids? We have you covered, here is everything you need to know to plan your trip. First, night life is very prevalent in Egypt. Most places do not close until 1-3 am, so there is no shortage of time to go and explore all the areas of Cairo.

Cairo itself is split into 3 areas. There is Cairo, Old Cairo, and New Cairo. Cairo itself is located in the lower part of Egypt or the North. If you find yourself in Cairo book yourself a boat tour of the Nile to see not only the river but all the beautiful architecture that populates it's shores.

New Cairo, located to the east of Cairo, is the newest addition to the city. Here you can find plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, and other activities to keep the family occupied. There are also beautiful new villas and compounds that populate the area, so there is no shortage of architectural wonders to look at while driving through New Cairo.

Old Cairo, located in upper Egypt or South of Cairo is where one would go to see the pyramids and most of the mosques in the area. Here’s what you need to know when visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, bring comfortable shoes!!! When you arrive at Giza you will have to make a journey up a sandy hill to get up close and personal with the pyramids. At the bottom of the hill you’re presented with 3 options: walking up yourself, riding a camel, or riding a horse. Whatever option you choose the journey is well worth it. However, if you find yourself in a position where none of those options are viable for you, visit the Marriott Pavilion 139. It is located right outside the pyramids, so sit, enjoy the buffet, and admire the pyramids. Also try to make time to visit the Grand Egyptian Museum. It is set to open in November of 2022 and will hold the title of the largest museum in the world once completed. Museum officials stated the building will hold over 100,000 artifacts.

While you’re in Old Cairo do not forget to visit the Khan El-Khalili, an old market full of great architecture, amazing spices, souvenirs, and any other nick nacks you could dream of. This market seems to go on forever, there is so much to look at and all the locals are more than welcoming.

Here are some other travel ideas if you ever find yourself in Egypt. You have to find time to visit the Mediterranean sea, try visiting Alexandria to have access to beach shore views. Or if you find yourself further East visit the Red Sea in Hurghada. Both seas are beautiful and have amazing sunsets to watch. There is also a small Gem located close to Hurghada called Luxor. Luxor is populated with Ancient sculptures and buildings. It is definitely worth the trip!

Wherever you decide to visit in Egypt just be sure to bring sunglasses, comfortable shoes, modest clothing to respect the local culture, and ladies be sure to bring a headscarf if you plan on visiting any mosques. We at Mel/Arch wish you safe travels!

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